$10 Off $50 For Amazon Warehouse Deals Purchases 1

Amazon is offering a $10 discount with $50 purchase of any item in the Amazon Warehouse Deals section including LEGO sets. Use coupon code WD1STTIME at checkout. This discount can only be used once per account.

Amazon Warehouse Deals is an outlet for Amazon to sell less than perfect condition items at a discount. In the case of LEGO sets, the boxes will be dented or slightly crushed but the bricks should be fine. It’s a great deal for people that just want to build a set and don’t care about the packaging. If there’s anything wrong, you can always return it like any other Amazon item.

Check out the selection of LEGO sets available at Amazon Warehouse here. The selection is updated throughout the day.

Amazon Warehouse Deals Lego

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  1. Ryan Oct 2, 2015 11:42 am

    Great job finding this as usual…bought a 21016 Sungnymun! (there’s one left)

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