LEGO Ideas Exo Suit & Research Institute Available Now

LEGO Ideas Exo-Suit (21109) & Research Institute (21110) are now available for purchase on LEGO Shop. There’s a limit of 2 per person for each set. Both these sets are rumored to have limited production runs of 10,000 each so get your sets before it’s too late.

If you manage to spend over $99, the LEGO Creator Mini Cooper (40109) polybag set will be added for free. Check out the August calendar for more promotions for August.

LEGO Ideas Exo-Suit (21109) – 321 pcs – $35

LEGO Ideas Research Institute (21110) – 165 pcs – $20

LEGO Ultra Agents Mission HQ (71065) For $70

Walmart currently has LEGO Ultra Agents Mission HQ (71065) for $70! This is a 30% discount for the recently released giant mobile truck.

It’s the biggest Ultra Agents set coming in at 1060 pieces. Included with the set are 5 minifigures: Terabyte, Agent Solomon Blaze, Agent Caila Phoenix, Agent Curtis Bolt and Professor Christina Hydron.

Update: This set is currently sold out.

30% off – LEGO Ultra Agents Mission HQ (71065) – $70

LEGO Ideas Wall•E Entry Reaches 10k Supporters

Congratulations to Angus MacLane for reaching 10k supporters for his Wall-E project. It’s an excellent recreation of the title character from Disney/Pixar’s Wall•E movie. Angus was actually involved with the production of the movie as a animator. This project now moves into the September 2014 review stage.

LEGO Mixels Series 4 Official Images

On the last day of SDCC, LEGO unveiled a couple of the new Mixels from the fourth wave. In the images below, you can see Nurp-Naut (41529) from Orbitonz, Burnard (41532) from Infernites & Globert (41533) from Glowkies. Burnard is from a previous Series 1 tribe while the other 2 are from new tribes. These sets will arrive in February 2015 for $4.99 each.

LEGO Mixels Series 4

Orbitonz – Nurp-Naut (41529)
LEGO Mixels Globert

Infernites – Burnard (41532)
LEGO Mixels Burnard

Glowkies – Globert (41533)
LEGO Mixels Nurp-Naut

Via Brickfanatics

The LEGO Movie Submarine Set Coming Next Year?

At a panel at SDCC, LEGO showed off a new Unikitty variant with 2 unique faces that will be released in a 2015 set. One of the faces appeared on Unikitty during the Master Builder’s Submarine scene in the movie. This could be a hint of a possible set coming with the third wave of The LEGO Movie sets arriving in early 2015. Check out the image below taken by The Brick Fan at the SDCC panel.

SDCC Panel
The LEGO Movie 2015 Unikitty

Unikitty Scene from The LEGO Movie
The LEGO Movie 2015 Unikitty

Master Builder’s Submarine from The LEGO Movie
The LEGO Movie Submarine

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$10 Off $40 Purchase With Target Store Pickup

Target is running a promotion this week to save $10 with any $40 purchase for store pickup. They’re trying to get people to use their new pickup system. It’s good for LEGO and almost everything else in the store.

This is a great deal since it stacks with the already discounted prices on some sets. Good sets to use it on would be the Target exclusive ones since it’s not often they have sales. You can see the complete LEGO list here.

The LEGO Movie Creative Ambush (70812) – $40

LEGO City Helicopter Transporter (60049) – $45

LEGO Coast Guard Plane (60015) – $45

LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series 12 (71007) Official Image

After much teasing, we finally have the first official image of LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series 12 (71007) thanks to an Argos listing. This is our first glimpse of Fairytale Princess, Genie Girl, Hun Warrior, Jester, Lifeguard, Pizza Delivery Man & Rock Star. The new twist with this series is that each package will come with an online code to unlock something in the upcoming LEGO Minifigures MMO game.

LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series 12

LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series 12 B

LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series 12

Battle Goddess
Dino Tracker
Fairytale Princess
Genie Girl
Hun Warrior
Piggy Guy
Pizza Delivery Man
Rock Star
Space Miner
Spooky Girl
Video Game Guy

Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Trailer Comic-Con Trailer

Check out the latest trailer shown at Comic-Con for Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham. It’s an entertaining intro to the familiar Justice League super heroes. The game will be released this holiday season on all the main consoles and handheld. If you preorder the game at Gamestop, you will get an exclusive Plastic Man minifigure.

Lego Batman 3

The LEGO Movie Batman & Super Angry Kitty Attack (70817) Fully Revealed

LEGO officially revealed the official packaging and name for The LEGO Movie Batman & Super Angry Kitty Attack (70817). Previously, we only got to see the miningures associated with the set. It turns out that this set is basically a battle pack with Angry Kitty, Batman, Skeletron and a micro manager. This 152 piece set will retail for $9.99 and be available in January 2015.

The LEGO Movie 70817

LEGO Friends Heartlake Shopping Mall (41058) For $87 (21% Off)

The biggest LEGO Friends set ever is now available at Amazon at a discount of 21%. LEGO Friends Heartlake Shopping Mall (41058) is a 1120 piece set can be had for $87! It’s a giant outdoor shopping mall with 3 main buildings and a compact car. The mini-dolls included are Stephanie, Emma, Sophie and Julian. This set will ship on or before August 1st.

21% Off – LEGO Friends Heartlake Shopping Mall (41058) – $87