LEGO Technic 2015 Sets – Official Images

Here’s the official images for LEGO Technic 2015 sets thanks to Just2Good again! It’s almost everything except for Record Breaker (42033). That set should be an experimental rocket car.

Update: Record Breaker (42033) set image is now available.

Cherry Picker (42031)
LEGO Technic 42031

Compacted Tracked Loader (42032)
LEGO Technic 42032

Record Breaker (42033)
LEGO Technic 42033

Quad Bike (42034)
LEGO Technic 42034

Mining Truck (42035)
LEGO Technic 42035

Street Motorcycle (42036)
LEGO Technic 42036


LEGO Ninjago 2015 Sets – Official Images

Just2Good delivers again with images of LEGO Ninjago 2015 sets. The theme returns back to the jungle with the Anacondrai as the main enemy again.

Every set can be seen below except for Electro-mech (70754) and Set 70751. Those are probably retailer exclusive sets so we’ll have to wait a bit longer to see them.

Update: Electro-mech (70754) image is now available.

Anacondrai Crusher (70745)
LEGO Ninjago 70745

Condrai Copter Attack (70746)
LEGO Ninjago 70746

Boulder Blaster (70747)
LEGO Ninjago 70747

Titanium Dragon (70748)
LEGO Ninjago 70748

Enter the Serpent (70749)
LEGO Ninjago 70749


LEGO Speed Champions 2015 Sets – Official Images

Here’s a look at the new LEGO Speed Champions theme coming in 2015. It’s a rebranding of the classic Racers theme in minifigure scale with licenses from several car manufacturers like Ferrari, McLaren & Porsche. Thanks to Just2Good for sharing more of these official images.

Ferrari F150 (75899)
LEGO Speed Champions 75899

Ferrari 458 Italia GT2 (75908)
LEGO Speed Champions 75908

McLaren P1 (75909)
LEGO Speed Champions 75909

Porsche 918 Spyder (75910)
LEGO Speed Champions 75910

McLaren Mercedes Pit-Stop (75911)
LEGO Speed Champions 75911


LEGO DC Super Heroes 2015 Sets – Official Images

Here’s official images of next year’s LEGO DC Super Heroes sets thanks to Just2Good. With this next wave, we’re finally able to build the Justice League with all the new minifigures.

The only set missing is Brainiac Attack (76029). That set is a retailer exclusive so images of it will come much later. The minifgures included will be Brainiac, Martian Manhunter, Supergirl & Superman.

Update: All set images are now available.

Green Lantern vs. Sinestro (76025)

Minifigures: Sinestro, Green Lantern & Batman

LEGO DC Super Heroes 76025 Box
LEGO DC Super Heroes 76025

Gorilla Grodd Goes Bananas (76026)

Minifigures: Gorilla Grood, Captain Cold, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Batman & Truck Driver

LEGO DC Super Heroes 76026 Box
LEGO DC Super Heroes 76026

Black Manta Deep Sea Strike (76027)

Minifigures: Black Manta, Aquaman, Robin, Batman

LEGO DC Super Heroes 76027 Box
LEGO DC Super Heroes 76027

Darkseid Invasion (76028)

Minifigures: Darkseid, Green Arrow, Hawkman, Cyborg, Superman

LEGO DC Super Heroes 76028 Box
LEGO DC Super Heroes 76028

Brainiac Attack (76040)

Minifigures: Brianiac, Martian Manhunter, Superman & Supergirl

LEGO DC Super Heroes 76040 Box
LEGO DC Super Heroes 76040

LEGO Bionicle 2015 Sets – Official Images

Just2Good continues to reveal more official LEGO set images today. This time, it’s a first look at half of the LEGO Bionicle sets coming out in 2015. The rest of the sets should be officially revealed during the New York Comic-Con in early October.

Protector of Earth (70781)
LEGO Bionicle 70781
Lewa Master of Jungle (70784)
LEGO Bionicle 70784
Pohatu Master of Stone (70785)
LEGO Bionicle 70785
Gali Master of Water (70786)
LEGO Bionicle 70786
Tahu Master of Fire (70787)
LEGO Bionicle 70787
Kopaka Master of Ice (70788)
LEGO Bionicle 70788
Lord of Skull Spiders (70790)
LEGO Bionicle 70790


The LEGO Movie 2015 Sets – Official Images

Just2Good does it again and reveals the third wave of The LEGO Movie sets coming in 2015. This wave is minifigure heavy so it’s much more affordable to get almost every character from the movie.

The highlight of this wave is Double-Decker Couch (70818). It’s like a greatest hits set with multiple elements that were previously available in much pricier sets. It includes a similar double-decker couch that was in MetalBeard’s Sea Cow (70810). There’s also Emmet’s car that was only previously available at Toys R Us’ build event. Benny is also finally in an affordable set. Other minifigures included are Emmet, Unikitty, President Business & Vitruvius.

Batman and Super Angry Kitty Attack (70817)
The LEGO Movie 70817 Box
The LEGO Movie 70817

Double-Decker Couch (70818)
The LEGO Movie 70818 Box
The LEGO Movie 70818

Bad Cop Car Chase (70819)
The LEGO Movie 70819 Box
The LEGO Movie 70819

LEGO Shop November 2014 Calendar – 2014 Holiday Set 2 of 2

Here’s an early look at the LEGO Shop November 2014 calendar. As expected the second 2014 Holiday Set will be given away on Brick Friday just like last year. While there’s no image of the set, it’s been previously revealed that the set will depict an ice skating scene.

New sets available in November include LEGO Seasonal Santa Set (850939), a previously unseen LEGO Seasonal Snowman (40093) & several Christmas baubles. Also pictured are the three different 2014 Advent Calendars. These are actually available now but will be scarce as it gets closer to December.

November Promotions

  • Free exclusive 2014 Holiday Set [Part 2 of 2] with purchase of $99 or more from November 28th-30th.
  • Free exclusive 2015 LEGO Wall Calendar with purchase of $75 or more from November 1st to December 31st.
  • On November 4th, the free Monthly Mini Model Build is a rocket on a launchpad.
  • On November 21st, LEGO will unveil a brand new set. This will probably be the official reveal of LEGO Star Wars UCS Slave 1 (76060) that was leaked earlier.
  • On November 22nd, there’s an exclusive VIP event. If it’s like last year, VIP members have early access to some Brick Friday discounts & 2014 Holiday Set [Part 2 of 2].

LEGO Shop November 2014 Calendar

LEGO DC Super Heroes Plastic Man Polybag Revealed

Here’s the first look at the LEGO DC Super Heroes Plastic Man polybag set. The image comes from Arthur Parsons’ Instagram who is involved with the upcoming LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham game. The only way to get your hands on this exclusive minifigure is pre-ordering any version of the game at Gamestop.

LEGO DC Super Heroes Plastic Man

Discounts on LEGO Train 2014 Sets

Amazon UK has great discounts on 2 recently released LEGO City train sets. LEGO City High-Speed Passenger Train (60051) is discounted 23% to $115 while LEGO City Cargo Train (60052) is discounted 18% to $164. Both are motorized train sets controlled by a remote.

It’s better to import these big sets since the price is much lower than the current US price. Just add either set to your cart and use Amazon’s currency convertor at checkout to see the final price in US dollars. If you buy both, you will save on shipping.

23% off – LEGO City High-Speed Passenger Train (60051) – $115

18% off – LEGO City Cargo Train (60052) – $164

LEGO Speed Champions Logo Discovered

Just2Good has discovered the LEGO Speed Champions logo. It’s assumed this is the final name of the race car focused theme coming out in 2015. Below is the rumored set names for this new theme.

LEGO Speed Champions

LEGO Speed Champions 2015

75899 – LaFerrari
75908 – 458 Italia GT2
75909 – McLaren P1
75910 – Porsche 918 Spyder
75911 – McLaren Mercedes Pitstop
75912 – Porsche 911 GT Finish
75913 – F14 & Scuderia Ferrari