LEGO Chicken Suit Guy Minifigure Available Now

If you missed out on LEGO Minifigure Iconic Easter (5004468) during Easter, he’s available again at Toys R Us. Make sure to grab him quickly because you can’t be sure when stock will run out. There’s a limit of 1 per person. For $5.99, the set comes with the minifigure along with a cardboard henhouse.

LEGO Minifigure Iconic Easter (5004468) – $5.99
LEGO Minifigure Iconic Easter (5004468)

Free LEGO Marvel Build Event At Toys R US Today

Toys R Us is having another free LEGO build event today from 12PM-2PM. Kids ages 6 and up will be able to build a LEGO Captain America Mosaic. We recommend getting there an hour early because these events are popular.

LEGO Captain America Mosaic – August 27th – 12PM-2PM

More Discounts on LEGO Dimensions Fun Packs

Amazon has further discounted several LEGO Dimensions Fun Packs. A lot of these are at their all time low. You will need to be an Amazon Prime member to purchase some of the cheaper packs though. If you’re not a Prime member yet, you can get a free 30 day trial.

75% off – Back to the Future Doc Brown Fun Pack (71230) – $2.93

70% off – Doctor Who Cyberman Fun Pack (71238) – $3.59

64% off – Ninjago Sensei Wu Fun Pack (71324) – $4.31

55% off – Ghostbusters Slimer Fun Pack (71241) – $5.39

50% off – DC Aquaman Fun Pack (71237) – $5.99

50% off – Ninjago Lloyd Fun Pack (71239) – $5.99

40% Off LEGO Dimensions Series 2 Packs

Amazon has discounted five of the upcoming LEGO Dimensions Series 2 sets by 40% off. This is a rare discount for sets that won’t be released until September 27th! We’re most excited about getting the exclusive Mr. T for a little over $7! The Harry Potter Team Pack is great for $15 if you missed out on getting those minifigures from years past.

40% off – LEGO Dimensions New Ghostbusters Story Pack (71242) – $30

40% off – LEGO Dimensions Adventure Time Team Pack (71246) – $15

40% off – LEGO Dimensions Harry Potter Team Pack (71247) – $15

40% off – LEGO Dimensions Mission Impossible Level Pack (71248) – $18

40% off – LEGO Dimensions A-Team Fun Pack (71251) – $7

30% Off – LEGO DC Super Heroes Jokerland (76035) For $84

Amazon has LEGO DC Super Heroes Jokerland (76035) on sale for $84. This is a 30% discount for last year’s flagship DC Super Heroes set.

This set contains 1037 piece sets to build several separate attractions based on that the villains included. Minifigures included in the set are Batman, Robin, Beast Boy, Starfire, The Penguin, The Joker, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn. It’s the first time Beast Boy & Starfire have been available as minifigures.

19% off – LEGO DC Super Heroes Jokerland (76035) – $97

49% Off – LEGO Creator Sea Plane (31028) For $2.54

Amazon and Target both have LEGO Creator Sea Plane (31028) for only $2.54. This is 49% discount for a 53 piece set that can be built into a sea plane, catamaran or swamp boat.

Amazon limits you to 2 per person and will need to be part of a $25 or more order. Target has no limit but you’ll need to spend $25 or more to get free shipping. It’s probably not worth it to order this by itself so add it as part of a bigger order.

49% off – LEGO Creator Sea Plane (31028) – $2.54