Feel Guide for The LEGO Movie Collectable Minifigures

The LEGO Movie Collectable Minifigures should be available for sale everywhere now. If you’re having trouble getting a complete set or looking for a particular figure, this feel guide identifying which piece(s) to search for can help you out. The pictures of each individual minifigure below will also help you visualize the piece you’re feeling for.

Please note that all minifigures are not distributed equally in a box of 60. Certain minifigures will have 6 copies in a box while others will have only 2. If you can’t find these minifigures locally, consider buying some randomly from the online LEGO Shop or Amazon to get started.

LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series 12

2 of each in a box
Calamity Drone – wedge dress & musket
Gail the Construction Worker – jackhammer
Marsha Queen of the Mermaids – mermaid tail
Mrs. Scratchen-Post – cat
Velma Staplebot – 2×2 tile & hairpiece with small curve on back
William Shakespeare – 2×2 tile & rubber collar

4 of each in a box
Abraham Lincoln – 2×2 tile & top hat connected to rubber beard
Larry the Barista – round cup
Taco Tuesday Guy – sombero & round dish
“Where are my pants?” Guy – 2 pairs of legs
Wild West Wyldstyle – wedge dress & fan
Wiley Fusebot – dynamite & gun

6 of each in a box
Hard Hat Emmet – 1×2 tile & hardhat grooves
Panda Guy – little panda
President Business – blocky hairpience & mug
Scribbe-Face Bad Cop – 1×2 tile & handcuffs

Minifigures listed from rarest to most common
Calamity DroneGail the Construction WorkerMarsha Queen of the Mermaids

Mrs. Scratchen-Post

Velma Staplebot

William Shakespeare

Abraham Lincoln

Larry the Barista

Taco Tuesday Guy

Where are my pants Guy

Wild West Wyldstyle

Wiley Fusebot

Hard Hat Emmet

Panda Guy

President Business

Scribble-Face Bad Cop

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