LEGO City Summer 2015 – Official Images

The last major theme to have its official box art available is LEGO City. This theme will have the most sets for Summer 2015. The wave can mostly be broken into Deep Sea Explorers and space shuttles. Deep Sea Explorers is the return of the underwater exploration theme.

There are also two more sets that don’t fit into the above sub-themes: City Square (60097) & Heavy-Haul Train (60098). We don’t have the box art yet for Heavy-Haul Train (60098) but you can check out images of the set here.

If you want to check out more images of other themes, check out our special LEGO Summer 2015 page.

City Square (60097)
LEGO City 60097 
Deep Sea Scuba Scooter (60090)
LEGO City 60090
Deep Sea Starter Set (60091)
LEGO City 60091
Deep Sea Submarine (60092)
LEGO City 60092
Deep Sea Helicopter (60093)
LEGO City 60093
Deep Sea Exploration Vessel (60095)
LEGO City 60095
Space Starter Set (60077)
LEGO City 60077
Utility Shuttle (60078)
LEGO City 60078
Training Jet Transporter (60079)
LEGO City 60079
Spaceport (60080)
LEGO City 60080

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