LEGO Classic Batman 1966 Teaser? 1

LEGO’s Facebook page recently posted an image celebrating Adam West’s birthday. What’s curious about the image is that it depicts the Adam West Batman next to a 1966 Batmobile. It’s a model we haven’t seen before since the SDCC 2014 exclusive set was in chibi form.

This image could perhaps be a teaser for an upcoming set. There’s currently a rumor that a classic Batcave set based on the 1966 TV show will be available in 2016.

LEGO Batman Adam West

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  1. brickplate Sep 21, 2015 9:09 am

    The windscreens look like those 2×2 rounded slope elements so it may not be the same model… but it definitely looks “longer” so let’s keep out fingers crossed!

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