LEGO Creator 2014 Info Update

Information for 2014 Creator sets are slowly coming out. Last week was the revelation of Yellow Quad Bike (31022), Race Car (31017) & Monkey (31019). Today’s rumors include a log cabin set, a cat & mouse set and a possible Mini Cooper set.

MINI Cooper
Brickowl is reporting on a possible Mini Cooper set in 2014. This could be a Creator Expert set like the Volkswagen T1 Camper Van (10220) and Volkswagen Beetle (10187). This is a good possibility because LEGO already has a license agreement with BMW (MINI Cooper manufacturer) and has previously released a BMW polybag set.
MINI Cooper
Mountainside Log Cabin
According to paul_delahaye from Eurobricks, LEGO will continue the Creator house subtheme. This set will feature a new log cabin placed alongside a brick built mountain wall. This will be a small set considering it’s price of around £25. The last time LEGO made a log cabin was Log Cabin (5766) from 2011.

Cat & Mouse
Not much is know about this Creator set besides having a cat and mouse. It should be similar to the Creator Monkey (31019) set pictured below.

Race Car (31017)
LEGO Creator Truck and Race Car 31017

Monkey (31019)
LEGO Creator Monkey and Parrot 31019

Yellow Quad Bike (31022)
LEGO Creator Yellow Quad Bike

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