LEGO Friends 2014 Info Update

LEGO Friends 2014 set names have been leaked by darth_tater at Eurobricks. LEGO will be continuing the Animals line with a 4th series. Animals Series 3 should be coming to stores next month. In addition to the Animals line, there will be 9 more regular sets. I’m curious what the news van will be like.

Animals Series 4
Turtle’s Little Paradise (41041)
Tiger’s Beautiful Temple (41042)
Penguin’s Playground (41043)

System Sets
Sunshine Harvest (41026)
Mia’s Lemonade Stand (41027)
Emma’s Lifeguard Post (41028)
Stephanie’s Newborn Lamb (40129)
Heartlake Juice Bar (40135)
Stephanie’s Beach House (40137)
Sunshine Ranch (40139)
Heartlake News Van (40156)
Heartlake Horse Show (40157)

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