LEGO Mixels Series 3 Available Now

LEGO Mixels Series 3 is making their way into stores now. There’s been multiple reported sightings of them at Target and Toys R Us. If they aren’t at your local retailer, they should be there before next month arrives. There’s 9 to collect in this series and each one is $4.99.

If you haven’t finished collecting Series 2, make sure to do so quickly as they will be disappearing from store shelves. Series 1 is already out of production.

Glorp Corp – Glomp (41518), Glurt (41519), Torts (41520)
LEGO Mixel Series 3 Glomp 41518LEGO Mixel Series 3 Glurt 41519LEGO Mixel Series 3 Torts 41520

Spikels – Footi (41521), Scorpi (41522), Hoogi (41523)

LEGO Mixel Series 3 Footi 41521LEGO Mixel Series 3 Scorpi 41522LEGO Mixel Series 3 Hoogi 41523

Wiztastics – Mesmo (41524), Magnifo (41525), Wizwuz (41526)

LEGO Mixel Series 3 Mesmo 41524LEGO Mixel Series 3 Magnifo 41525LEGO Mixel Series 3 Wizwuz 41526

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