LEGO Nexo Knights Logo Discovered

The logo for next year’s LEGO Nexo Knights theme has been found by CM4Sci on Eurobricks. This theme is speculated to be a fusion of medieval castle elements with steampunk or futuristic elements. It will be the replacement for LEGO Legends of Chima which is ending this year.

LEGO Nexo Knights Logo

Below is also a partial list of set names which describes characters, weapons and vehicles of the theme. We assume the good guys are Lance, Clay, Macy, Aaron & Robin and the bad guys are named Moltor, Jestro & Lavaria.

LEGO Nexo Knights

Knighton Disc Launchers (70310)
Chaos Catapult (70311)
Lance’s Robo Horse (70312)
Moltor’s Lava Launcher (70313)
Clay’s Blade Cruiser (70315)
Jestro’s Companions of Darkness (70316)
Ultimate Clay (70330)
Ultimate Macy (70331)
Ultimate Aaron (70332)
Ultimate Robin (70333)
Ultimate Monster Masher (70334)
Ultimate Lavaria (70335)

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