LEGO Ninjago Sets on Sale

With the news of the LEGO Ninjago movie in the works by Warner Bros., it’s a good time to stock up on discounted Ninjago sets! Be sure to check out the rumored list for 2014 LEGO Ninjago sets.

The Golden Dragon (70503) – (19% off) – $25

Who doesn’t love dragons? This set includes Lloyd as the golden ninja riding his dragon battling against 2 Stone Army soliders.

Cole’s Earth Driller (70502) – (20% off) – $16

Cole’s unique vehicle is a great addition to anyone’s collection. It comes the black ninja and a Stone Army swordsman.

Warrior Bike (70501) – (20% off) – $16

The unique bike has red threads that aren’t featured in many sets. It comes with Jay the blue ninja and a Stone Army warrior.

Kai’s Fire Mech (70500) – (10% off) – $9

It comes with Kai in a really posable mech with many points of articulation. It also includes a Stone Army scout.

Samurai Mech (9448) – (13% off) – $35

This is the only way you can get Nya aka Samurai X. This mech is very posable and is a great complement to Kai’s Fire Mech.

Epic Dragon Battle (9450) – (24% off) – $92

This is the biggest Ninjago set available. It’s one of the few ways to get the green ninja. It also comes with Sensei Wu, Jay, Cole, Lord Garmadon and 3 more snake minifigures.

LEGO Ninjago: Character Encyclopedia – (48% off) – $10

This isn’t really a LEGO set, but it’s the cheapest way to get the green ninja minifigure.

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