LEGO Pirates 2015 Sets – Official Images

The classic LEGO Pirates theme finally makes a return in 2015! For better or for worse, these sets look very similar to the classic sets from decades ago. Treasure Island (70411) is missing from this set of pictures but hopefully it’ll turn it eventually. Official images have been provided again by Just2Good.

Update: All set images are now available.

Shipwreck Defense (70409)
LEGO Pirates 70409

Soldiers Outpost (70410)
LEGO Pirates 70410

Treasure Island (70411)
LEGO Pirates 70411

Soldiers Fort (70412)
LEGO Pirates 70412

The Brick Bounty (70413)
LEGO Pirates 70413

Pirate Treasure Hunt (10679)
LEGO Juniors 10679

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