LEGO Play Book Available Now

LEGO Play Book is the newest book by Daniel Lipkowitz. He is the author of many LEGO books including the popular The LEGO Ideas Book.

This book is similar to The LEGO Ideas Book where it shows models without instructions. Often times, it will also show a cross section of the model for the tricky parts. It’s a good mix that will teach you enough to get started and give you some inspiration to put your own take on the model.

For people in the US, you can order this book right now at Amazon for $15.

For those in the UK, this book will be available at Amazon UK on September 2nd for £12.99. You can preorder it now.

LEGO Play Book

Sample Pages
LEGO Play Book Page 1

LEGO Play Book Page 2

LEGO Play Book Page 3

LEGO Play Book Page 4

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