LEGO Sets for 40% Off For New Customers has 2 coupon codes that you can stack together if you’re a new customer or if you make a new account. 20LABORDAY and NEXM4193 will each give you 20% off, but combined they will give you 36% off.

20LABORDAY will give you 20% off one item ($40 maximum discount)
NEXM4193 will give you 20% off all items for new customers ($20 maximum discount)

A list of LEGO sets on sorted from highest to lowest price is here.

Some examples of sets you can get with this discount:

Constitution Train Chase (79111) – $54

King’s Castle (70404) – $60

Pirate Ship Ambush (79008) – $60

Republic Gunship (75021) – $76

Jabba’s Sail Barge (75020) – $76

If you previously did the LEGO Lone Ranger Constitution Train Chase deal from Thursday, you won’t be able to use the coupon codes again.

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