LEGO Shop Cyber Monday 2014 Deals

For Cyber Monday, LEGO Shop has added a couple more sets to the discount list. LEGO City Cargo Train (7939) and LEGO Kingdom Joust (10223) are now discounted by 20%.

Both of these sets look to be discontinued after this sale so this is your final chance to get them on sale. $96 is a great price LEGO Kingdom Joust (10223) since it’s been rarely discounted over the past year. You can also combine 2 LEGO Kingdom Joust (10223) to make a bigger castle.

All sets discounted during Black Friday are still on sale. Check out the entire list here.

LEGO Shop Cyber Monday Promotions

20% off – LEGO City Cargo Train (7939) – $144

20% off – LEGO Kingdom Joust (10223) – $96

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