LEGO Star Wars Old Republic Sets on Sale

Amazon currently has a couple Old Republic sets on sale this week. These sets will go great with the Jedi Defender-Class Cruiser (75025) releasing in August. Original Trilogy sets are also on sale if you prefer them.

Sith Fury-class Interceptor (9500) – 20% off – $72

This ship is the highlight of the Old Republic sets and the only one that comes with Sith Lord Darth Malgus. It also includes 2 Sith Troopers.

Republic Striker-class Starfighter (9497) – 20% off – $36

This starfighter belongs to Jedi Master Satele Shan. In addition to Satele Shan, this set also includes a T7-O1 Astromech Droid and a Republic Trooper minifigure.

Republic Troopers vs Sith Troopers 75001 – 5% off – $12

Build up your Old Republic army with this set. It comes with 2 Republic troopers and 2 Sith troopers.

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