LEGO & Warner Bros Teasers For New Product

LEGO & Warner Bros has posted images on their various social media pages announcing that they will be revealing something this Thursday. One image shows Gandalf in front of a dimensional portal while the another shows Wyldstyle in front of a similar portal. There’s also a third image with Batman. All images are tagged with #BreakTheRules.

It’s not clear what these images are teasing but speculation is that these are for an upcoming video game called LEGO Dimensions. That game will be part of the toys-to-life genre where you place a real physical object like a minifigure on a stand and it gets recreated in the video game.

Update 2: LEGO Dimensions has been officially announced. Check all the details here.

Update: It looks like Back to the Future will be joining in the fun.

LEGO Back to the Future Teaser
LEGO The Lords of the Ring Teaser
LEGO Batman Teaser
The LEGO Movie Teaser

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