More LEGO Elves 2015 Sets – Official Images

We have more official images to share of the upcoming LEGO Elves theme thanks to the Dutch website, SpeelGoed NL. The final 2 sets, Azari & The Magic Bakery (41074) & Treetop Hideaway (41075) can now be seen. With those last 2 sets, here’s the complete LEGO Elves collection.

Azari & The Magic Bakery (41074)
LEGO Elves 41074 Box

LEGO Elves 41074LEGO Elves 41074 Scene

Treetop Hideaway (41075)
LEGO Elves 41075
LEGO Elves 41075 Scene

Aira’s Creative Workshop (41071)
LEGO Elves 41071 Box

LEGO Elves 41071LEGO Elves 41071 Scene

Naida’s Spa Secret (41072)
LEGO Elves 41072 Box

LEGO Elves 41072LEGO Elves 41072 Scene

Naida’s Epic Adventure Ship (41073)
LEGO Elves 41073 Box

LEGO Elves 41073LEGO Elves 41073 Scene

Farran & The Crystal Hollow (41076)
LEGO Elves 41076 Box

LEGO Elves 41076LEGO Elves 41076 Scene

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