More Themes Hinted For LEGO Dimensions

The extended cut of the LEGO Dimensions announcement trailer has some hints on future LEGO themes for the video game. Items associated with LEGO Ghostbusters and LEGO Simpsons can be seen in the video. That makes us believe these two themes will be coming in future expansions.

In the first minute of the video, Joel McHale takes out a device to analyze the LEGO pieces. Fans of Ghostbusters will recognize this as the PKE (Psychokinetic Energy Meter) meter from the movies. At the end of the video, on the side of the table is a pink glazed donut. This is one of Homer Simpson’s favorite foods.

If you want more details on LEGO Dimensions, check out our official announcement post. You can also pre-order the game and expansion packs right now on Amazon.

Announcement Video

Ghostbusters PKE Meter

LEGO Dimensions PKE Meter

Simpsons Donut

LEGO Dimensions Pink DoughnutLEGO Simpsons CMF Homer

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