Summer Wave of LEGO The Lord of the Ring Sets Available Now

The new summer wave of LEGO Lord of the Rings sets should be available everywhere now. The highlight is the Corsair Pirate Ship since it comes with an exclusive Peter Jackson minifigure!

LEGO Wizard Battle
79005 The Wizard Battle – $12.99

Recreate The Wizard Battle at The Tower of Orthanc, as Gandalf the Grey takes on his mentor and old friend, Saruman, who has fallen under the influence of Sauron while gazing into his palantir.

LEGO Council of Elrond
79006 The Council of Elrond – $29.99

Build the majestic Elven city of Rivendell, home to Elrond and his beautiful warrior-princess daughter, Arwen. Call Gimli and Frodo Baggins to The Council of Elrond to plan the destruction of the One Ring and the defeat of Sauron.

LEGO Battle at The Black Gate
79007 Battle at The Black Gate – $59.99

Fly the Great Eagle high above the Black Gate of Mordor where Aragorn and Gandalf the White must distract the Eye of Sauron. Use them to stage a scene while Frodo Baggins and his friend Sam throw the One Ring into the fiery depths of Mount Doom and destroy it forever.

LEGO Pirate Ship Ambush
79008 Pirate Ship Ambush – $99.99

On the shores of Minas Tirith, Sauron’s Mordor Orcs prepare to greet their allies aboard the Pirate Ship – but all is not as it seems. Pull up alongside them, drop the anchors and lead a surprise attack with Aragorn, Gimli, Legolas Greenleaf and the Army of the Dead.

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