Official LEGO Minecraft The Village & The Nether Images

Official images of the 2 new LEGO Minecraft set have now surfaced thanks to GRogall from Eurobricks. LEGO Minecraft The Village (21105) & The Nether (21106) will be released on September 1st for $34.99 each. One of the best things about LEGO Minecraft there is no stickers. It’s all printed pieces!

LEGO Minecraft The Village (21105)

LEGO 21105 Box Front

LEGO 21105 Box SideLEGO 21105_detail_2LEGO 21105_detail_3LEGO 21105_detail_4LEGO 21105_detail_5LEGO 21105_detail_7

LEGO Minecraft The Nether (21106)

LEGO 21106 Box Front

LEGO 21106 Box SideLEGO 21106_detail_1LEGO 21106_detail_3LEGO 21106_detail_4LEGO 21106_detail_5LEGO 21106_detail_6

Be sure to get the original LEGO Minecraft at Amazon or the LEGO Shop set before it sells out again!
LEGO Minecraft BoxLEGO Minecraft AssembledLEGO Minecraft Split