Rumored 2014 LEGO Sets

Rumors surfaced today for the upcoming 2014 LEGO sets for City, Friends, Star Wars and Collectable Minifigures themes. For Collectable Minifigures Series 12, it will be made up entirely of figures from The LEGO Movie! A rumored set list for The Simpsons was reported earlier today too.

LEGO Star Wars 2014 will have more Prequel Trilogy sets, 4 more battle packs and a “Recruitment” subtheme that will be replacing the Planets subtheme. The Recruitment subtheme is rumored to feature a single minifigure in a small vehicle. The Planets subtheme is going away due to retailer complaints on it’s odd shape and poor sales. The AT-AP was revealed earlier at Comic-Con 2013.

Jedi Interceptor (Anakin’s Yellow) (73038)
V-Wing Starfighter (75039)
General Grievous’ Wheel Bike (75040)
Vulture Droid (75041)
Droid Gunship (75042)
AT-AP (75043)
Droid Tri-Fighter (75044)
Republic AV-7 Anti-Vehicle Cannon (75045)
Coruscant Police Gunship (75046)

Clone Turbo Tank (75028)
AAT (75029)
Millennium Falcon (75030)
TIE Interceptor (75031)
X-Wing Fighter (75032)
Imperial Star Destroyer (75033)

Battle Packs
Death Star Troopers (75034)
Kashyyyk Troopers (75035)
Utapau Troopers (75036)
Battle on Saleucami (75037)

LEGO City 2014 will have a heavy police presence again with 7 sets coming. The Great Vehicles line will have more excellent cars at the $20 price point.

Break-Out of the Police Station
Break-Out of the Prison Transporter
Bandit’s Hiding Place
Police Motorcycle Chase
Police Helicopter Chase
Police Boat Transporter
Mobile Police Unit

Great Vehicles
Camper with Canoe
Jeep with Jetski
Wood Transporter (Logging Truck)
Car Transporter (Car Carrier)
Racing Car
Monster Truck
Repair Car
Tow Truck

LEGO Friends 2014 will continue the beach theme from 2013.

Mission at the Beach
Beach and Smoothie Bar
Beach House

LEGO Star Wars AT-AP 20141

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