Rumored LEGO Batman 2014 Sets

Here is the list of LEGO Batman 2014 sets courtesy of darth_tater from Eurobricks. Based on the names of these sets, it looks like it’ll be easier to get the Penguin and Man-Bat minifigure.

The Penguin Face off (76010)
Includes Batman, the Penguin and two robot penguin henchmen with dynamite. There is a jetski for Batman and a duck shaped boat (Batman Returns design) for the Penguin.

Man-Bat Attack (76011)
Includes Batman, Robin and Man-Bat. The vehicle will be a bat shaped helicopter.

The Riddler Chase (76012)
Includes Batman, the Riddler and the Flash. See image below for what the set looks like.

The Joker Steam Roller (76013)
Includes Batman, the Joker and 3 other minifigures. There is a jet for Batman and a steam roller for the Joker.

The Riddler Chase was previously revealed at the San Diego Comic Con 2013 convention and will also come with a Flash minifigure.

LEGO Batman: Riddler Chase

LEGO Riddler

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