Rumored LEGO DC Super Heroes 2015 Set List

According the Idle Hands, there will be 4 LEGO DC Super Heroes sets coming out in early 2015. We already know of Green Lantern vs. Sinestro (76025) which was unveiled at SDCC 2014.

It seems like these will be Justice League themed sets compared to the usual Batman themed sets. Just from the set names alone, there could be Gorilla Grod, Black Manta & Darkseid minifigures. Until the official announcement, please treat this news as a rumor.

LEGO DC Super Heroes 2015 Sets

Green Lantern vs. Sinestro (76025)
Gorilla Grodd Goes Bananas (76026)
Black Manta Deep Sea Strike (76027)
Darkseid Invasion (76028)
Brainiac Attack (76029)

Green Lantern vs. Sinestro (76025)
LEGO Super Heroes 76025

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