Rumored LEGO The Hobbit 2014 Info

Gremer on Eurobricks has consolidated tidbits of information about the upcoming LEGO The Hobbit sets coming at the end of this year. It’s expected that we will get to see some if not all of these sets during San Diego Comic Con 2014. Until then, treat all this info as rumors.

LEGO The Hobbit Logo

Set 79015 – 101 pcs – $15

Info: Set will have a small rock structure
Minifigures: Elrond (armored), Galadriel, and the Witch King (real form)

Set 79016 – 313 pcs – $30

Info: Add-on to LEGO The Hobbit Lake-Town Chase (79013)
Minifigures: Bain & possibly Bard the Bowman

Set 79017 – 471 pcs – $60

Info: May be based on the Battle of the Five Armies
Minifigures: Dáin II Ironfoot (King Dáin)

Set 79018 – 858 pcs – $130

Info: Set based on the Lonely Mountain interior containing the Arkenstone
Minifigures: Bilbo Baggins & Smaug

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