LEGO Creator Ferrari F40 (10248) Official Images

The long rumored LEGO Creator Ferrari F40 (10248) has finally surfaced thanks to Bild. The set contains 1158 pieces to build the iconic sports car with pop-up headlights and a V8 turbo engine. The model looks to be in scale with the previous two LEGO Creator car sets: MINI Cooper (10242) and Volkswagen T1 Camper Van (10220).

This set should be available to LEGO VIP members starting on July 15th and will be available to the general public on August 1st. The German price is listed at €90 so it’ll likely be around $100 in the US.

LEGO Creator Ferrari F40 Box

LEGO Creator Ferrari F40

LEGO Shop Winter Soldier Promotion Now Active

The promotion to get a free LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Winter Solider (5002943) at LEGO Shop is now live. You will need to spend $75 or more in order to get the minifigure. The promotion runs from June 1-30 but due to the popularity of the Winter Soldier minifigure, supplies will likely run out much earlier. If you want the minifigure, make sure to get your order in early.

Reaching the $75 purchase limit shouldn’t be hard to do since there are lots of new sets released this month for Marvel Super Heroes, Star Wars, City, Creator, Juniors, Legends of Chima, Mixels & Ultra Agents. We’ve highlighted some of the new summer wave sets below.

LEGO Shop Winter Solider Promotion

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Ant-Man Final Battle (76039) – $20
LEGO Juniors Spider-Man Hideout (10687) – $30
LEGO Star Wars Death Star Final Duel (75093) – $80
LEGO Star Wars Imperial Shuttle Tydirium (75094) – $100
LEGO Star Wars Imperial Assault Carrier (75106) – $130
LEGO City Deep Sea Exploration Vessel (60095) – $120
LEGO City Square (60097) – $190
LEGO Creator Ferris Wheel (10247) – $200
LEGO Ultra Agents Ocean HQ (70173) – $100
LEGO Seasonal Birthday Table Decoration (40153) – $10
LEGO Piggy Coin Bank (40155) – $15

LEGO Creator Ferris Wheel (10247) Officially Unveiled

LEGO Creator Ferris Wheel (10247) was officially announced today. It’s a nice set that looks even nicer when viewing the designer video and new high quality images. This 2,464 set will retail for $199.99 and be officially released on June 1st. If you’re a LEGO VIP member, you will have early access to it on May 13th. There are no Power Function parts included with the set, but it can be motorized with M-Motor (8883) and AAA Battery Box (88000). If you don’t have the parts, there’s a hand crank to make the ferris wheel rotate..

Designer Video

LEGO Creator Ferris Wheel (10247)
LEGO Creator Ferris Wheel (10247)
LEGO Creator Ferris Wheel (10247)


LEGO Creator Ferris Wheel (10247) Box Art

After yesterday’s first look at LEGO Creator Ferris Wheel (10247), here’s an image of the front box art of the set. It’s a different angle of the set so you can make out more of the details. As pictured on the box, the LEGO Creator Expert set will be 2464 pieces and stands at 68cm tall & 38cm wide.

Besides the main ferris wheel, this set makes use of a new 6 stem flower piece to create the round trees. This piece was first introduced in a couple LEGO Elves sets. After seeing what you can do with it, this piece should be quite popular for outdoor scenes.

We should be getting the official announcement any day now because this set will be on sale starting next month. LEGO VIP members will get early access to it on May 13th while the general public can buy it on June 1st. It’s speculated that this set will retail for $199.99.

LEGO Creator Ferris Wheel 10247

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LEGO Creator Ferris Wheel (10247) – First Look

Here’s the first glimpse of the upcoming LEGO Creator Ferris Wheel (10247) set. The image comes from the LEGO Shop June 2015 calendar. LEGO VIP members will get early access to it on May 13th while the general public can buy it on June 1st. While not confirmed, it’s rumored to be $199.99 for a 2400+ piece set. We should be getting the official announcement of the set any day now.

This is part of the same Creator Expert sub-theme as the previously released LEGO Creator Expert Fairground Mixer (10244). With these two sets, you can start building out your own carnival.

LEGO Creator Ferris Wheel (10247)

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LEGO Creator Summer 2015 – Official Images

It’s now time to show off the box art of LEGO Creator Summer 2015 sets. This new wave is especially strong with models of a jeep, house and fighter jet. We’re big fans Blue Power Jet (31039). It’s the closest we’ll ever get to a military plane from LEGO.

If you want to check out more images of other themes, check out our special LEGO Summer 2015 page.

Adventure Vehicles (31037)
LEGO Creator 31037
Changing Seasons (31038)
LEGO Creator 31038
Blue Power Jet (31039)
LEGO Creator 31039

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LEGO Creator Future Flyer (31034) For $19

Amazon has marked down LEGO Creator Future Flyer (31034) by 24% down to $19. It’s a decent sale for a recent 2015 LEGO Creator set. It has 237 pieces to build either a robot, jet or sports car.

24% off – LEGO Creator Future Flyer (31034) – $19

LEGO Creator Toy and Grocery Shop (31036) For $32 At Amazon

Those interested in LEGO Creator buildings will be happy to know that the price has finally dropped for LEGO Creator Toy and Grocery Shop (31036) at Amazon. There’s a 20% discount making the set $32. The set comes with 2 minifigures and 466 pieces to build 2 buildings.

20% off – LEGO Creator Toy and Grocery Shop (31036) – $32

LEGO Creator Pet Shop (10218) May Retire Soon

There’s been a lot of speculation recently that LEGO Creator Pet Shop (10218) will be retiring soon. It looks like the official LEGO Shop is the only retailer left that is currently selling it though it’s backordered. Everyone else has taken down their listings or marked it up beyond retail price.

LEGO Creator Pet Shop (10218) has been on the shelf for almost 4 years. The next set that was released afterwards, LEGO Creator Town Hall (10224) has retired last year. With the double VIP points promotion, this might be the last time you can get a deal on the set.

LEGO Creator Pet Shop (10218) – $150

LEGO Creator Cute Kitten (30188) Polybag Set Available Again

Toys R Us has the LEGO Creator Cute Kitten (30188) polybag set available for shipping or store pickup. This sets was only available briefly last year so that made it somewhat rare. This kitten makes a great complement to the cat in LEGO Creator Furry Creatures (31021).

LEGO Creator Cute Kitten (30188) – $4
LEGO Creator 30188 Bag