LEGO Creator Future Flyer (31034) For $19

Amazon has marked down LEGO Creator Future Flyer (31034) by 24% down to $19. It’s a decent sale for a recent 2015 LEGO Creator set. It has 237 pieces to build either a robot, jet or sports car.

24% off – LEGO Creator Future Flyer (31034) – $19

LEGO Creator Toy and Grocery Shop (31036) For $32 At Amazon

Those interested in LEGO Creator buildings will be happy to know that the price has finally dropped for LEGO Creator Toy and Grocery Shop (31036) at Amazon. There’s a 20% discount making the set $32. The set comes with 2 minifigures and 466 pieces to build 2 buildings.

20% off – LEGO Creator Toy and Grocery Shop (31036) – $32

LEGO Creator Pet Shop (10218) May Retire Soon

There’s been a lot of speculation recently that LEGO Creator Pet Shop (10218) will be retiring soon. It looks like the official LEGO Shop is the only retailer left that is currently selling it though it’s backordered. Everyone else has taken down their listings or marked it up beyond retail price.

LEGO Creator Pet Shop (10218) has been on the shelf for almost 4 years. The next set that was released afterwards, LEGO Creator Town Hall (10224) has retired last year. With the double VIP points promotion, this might be the last time you can get a deal on the set.

LEGO Creator Pet Shop (10218) – $150

LEGO Creator Cute Kitten (30188) Polybag Set Available Again

Toys R Us has the LEGO Creator Cute Kitten (30188) polybag set available for shipping or store pickup. This sets was only available briefly last year so that made it somewhat rare. This kitten makes a great complement to the cat in LEGO Creator Furry Creatures (31021).

LEGO Creator Cute Kitten (30188) – $4
LEGO Creator 30188 Bag

25% Off – LEGO Creator Mountain Hut (31025) For $30

Amazon currently has a 25% discount on LEGO Creator Mountain Hut (31025). With the discount, this 550 piece set is only $30 making it 5.4 cents a piece. It’s a good price for a set that’s getting harder to find in local stores.

25% off – LEGO Creator Mountain Hut (31025) – $30

LEGO Creator Maersk Line Triple-E (10241) Retiring

One of the next sets to retire is LEGO Creator Maersk Line Triple-E (10241). This set has recently been given the “Retiring Soon” tag on LEGO Shop. This likely means they’ve stopped production of the set and are trying to unload whatever stock remains of the set. It’s a quick retirement since the set was released just last year. If you had any interest in the set, consider getting it soon before time runs out.

Maersk Line Triple-E (10241) – 1518 pcs – $149.99

31% Off – LEGO Creator Treehouse (31010) For $21

LEGO Creator Treehouse (31010) is currently 31% off at Amazon resulting in a price of $21! It’s a great deal on an older set that may be ending it’s shelf life in a couple months. With 356 pieces, this comes out to about 5.8 cents a piece.

Update: This item is no longer available at Amazon for this price, but Walmart still has it for $21.

31% Off – LEGO Creator Treehouse (31010) – $21

30% Off – LEGO Creator Roaring Power (31024) For $21

Amazon currently has LEGO Creator Roaring Power (31024) for $21 which is a 30% discount. The set comes with 374 pieces to build either a red car, dinosaur or seaplane. The price per piece comes out to 5.6 cents which is a great ratio.

30% off – LEGO Creator Roaring Power (31024) – $21

25% Off – LEGO Creator Beach Hut (31035) – $22.50

Amazon has dropped the price of another 2015 set. LEGO Creator Beach Hut (31035) is now $22.50 which is a 25% savings. The set contains 286 pieces and comes with 2 minifigures.

Update: Amazon has sold out at this price but it’s still available at Walmart.

25% off – LEGO Creator Beach Hut (31035) – $22.50

More LEGO Polybag 2015 Images

Here is the first look at several LEGO polybag sets thanks to Brickset. They managed to find the instructions that LEGO recently uploaded to their database. Check out our Polybag page to see more discovered polybag sets.

LEGO City Swamp Police Helicopter (30311)
LEGO City 30311

LEGO City Demolition Driller (30312)
LEGO City 30312

LEGO City Go-Kart Racer (30314)
LEGO City 30314

LEGO Creator Off-Road (30283)
LEGO Creator 30283

LEGO Creator Tractor (30284)
LEGO Creator 30284

LEGO Ninjago Anacondrai Battle Mech (30291)
LEGO Ninjago 30291

LEGO Ninjago Jay Nano Mech (30292)
LEGO Ninjago 30292

LEGO Ninjago Kai Drifter (30293)
LEGO Ninjago 30293

LEGO Star Wars A-Wing Starfighter (30272)
LEGO Star Wars 30272

LEGO Star Wars TIE Advanced Prototype (30275)
LEGO Star Wars 30275