30% Off Select LEGO Pirates Sets At Amazon

Amazon currently has 3 different LEGO Pirates sets at 30% off. You can choose from LEGO Pirates Soldiers Fort (70412), LEGO Pirates Soldiers Outpost (70410) and LEGO Pirates Shipwreck Defense (70409). The first two sets mentioned can be combined to make a bigger set.

30% off – LEGO Pirates Soldiers Fort (70412) – $21

30% off – LEGO Pirates Soldiers Outpost (70410) – $14

30% off – LEGO Pirates Shipwreck Defense (70409) – $9

17% Off – LEGO Pirates Chess Set (40158) For $50

LEGO Shop currently has LEGO Pirates Chess Set (40158) on sale for $50. You normally don’t see this set discounted at all so having 17% off is nice. The chess set comes with 857 pieces and a whooping 20 minifigures.

17% off – LEGO Pirates Chess Set (40158) – $50

Classic LEGO Pirate Promotional Set Coming Later This Year

A promotional classic LEGO Pirates set will be available later this year that is similar to Classic Spaceman Minifigure (5002812) from 2014. The set includes a Pirate minifigure, shark, palm tree and some shipwreck.

Packaging will be similar to last year’s set with the white brick printing and an instruction manual showcasing the history of the LEGO Pirates theme. While there’s not much US release info about this set, expect it to arrive around September with the need to spend $99 or more at the LEGO Shop if this year’s promotion is similar to last year.

Via Hoth Bricks

LEGO Pirates Chess Set (40158) Image Discovered

A new chess set based on the updated LEGO Pirates theme will be available shortly. LEGO Pirates Chess Set (40158) was recently discovered on eBay. The set contains 857 pieces and looks to include 20 minifigures. The whole thing is entirely built from bricks so that’s an improvement over the last chess set, LEGO Kingdoms Chess Set (853373). The set can also easily be compacted after use to make it a display piece.

LEGO Pirates 40158

LEGO Pirates 40158 Back

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New LEGO Themes Available at Amazon – Elves, Ninjago, Pirates & Ultra Agents

You can purchase several new LEGO sets early at Amazon including LEGO Ninjago, LEGO Pirates and LEGO Ultra Agents. Amazon is one of the first to have these sets in stock and ready to be shipped. Officially, they’re not suppose to be out until March 2015.

Update: LEGO City Demolition & LEGO Elves sets are also available.

LEGO Pirates

Shipwreck Defense (70409) – $13

Soldiers Fort (70412) – $30

The Brick Bounty (70413) – $100

Pirate Treasure Hunt (10679) – $12

LEGO Ultra Agents

Spyclops Infiltration (70166) – $12

Invizable Gold Getaway (70167) – $20

Drillex Diamond Job (70168) – $30

Agent Stealth Patrol (70169) – $50

UltraCopter vs. AntiMatter (70170) – $80


More LEGO Pirates 2015 Images

LEGO has updated their LEGO Pirates minisite with new images, descriptions and character bios. There will be 5 regular LEGO Pirates sets and an additional pirate themed LEGO Juniors set coming out around March. Some of the images from the site can be seen below but check out our previous post for more official box art images.

LEGO Pirates Map

Shipwreck Defense (70409)

Shipwreck Defense (70409)

Soldiers Outpost (70410)

Soldiers Outpost (70410)

Treasure Island (70411)

Treasure Island (70411)

Soldiers Fort (70412)

Soldiers Fort (70412)

The Brick Bounty (70413)

The Brick Bounty (70413)

LEGO Pirates 2015 Sets – Official Images

The classic LEGO Pirates theme finally makes a return in 2015! For better or for worse, these sets look very similar to the classic sets from decades ago. Treasure Island (70411) is missing from this set of pictures but hopefully it’ll turn it eventually. Official images have been provided again by Just2Good.

Update: All set images are now available.

Shipwreck Defense (70409)
LEGO Pirates 70409

Soldiers Outpost (70410)
LEGO Pirates 70410

Treasure Island (70411)
LEGO Pirates 70411

Soldiers Fort (70412)
LEGO Pirates 70412

The Brick Bounty (70413)
LEGO Pirates 70413

Pirate Treasure Hunt (10679)
LEGO Juniors 10679

Rumored LEGO Pirates 2015 Sets

David Thomsen on Eurobricks was able to find a listing of upcoming LEGO Pirate 2015 sets on his work computer. These sets should arrive around April with approximate prices below.

It’s going to be the classic soldiers vs pirates scenario. Judging by the names, there may only be one big ship in this wave. However, there may be more sets since this list doesn’t include retailer exclusive sets. As always, treat this news as a rumor until officially announced.

LEGO Pirates 2015 Sets

Shipwreck Defense ~ $12
Soldiers’ Outpost ~ $20
Treasure Island ~ $20
Soldiers’ Fort ~ $40
The Brick Bounty ~ $90

LEGO Pirate Contest

LEGO Pirates Returning in 2015

We’re getting our first hint of the LEGO Pirates theme returning next year. ReBrick which is run by LEGO has announced a new contest to name an upcoming pirate ship for 2015. You have from now until April 13th to submit a pirate ship name. The winner will get to name the new ship and win a signed copy of the LEGO set.

LEGO Pirate Contest

The Return of Classic LEGO Pirates

The Return of Classic LEGO Pirates

A new LEGO Pirates Accessory Pack has been discovered in a retail LEGO Shop. It’s been awhile since any set of this classic theme has appeared on store shelves. The last LEGO Pirates set before this was the incredible Imperial Flagship (10210) from 2010.

This minifigure pack will include a captain, a female pirate, 2 male pirates and a rare map piece. The packaging is similar to previous sets like Minifigure Accessory Pack (850449), Rock Band Minifigure Accessory Set (850486) and Monster Fighters Halloween Accessory Set (850487). Like the others, this should retail for $14.99 in the US and £9.99 in the UK.

LEGO Pirates Accessory Pack

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