Warehousedeals – Amazon’s Secret Toy Stash

Have you ever heard of Warehouse Deals? It’s actually an outlet for Amazon to sell less than perfect condition items. Most of the inventory comes from damaged boxes and customer returns.

For LEGO, this means crushed or opened boxes with all bricks still inside. It’s a great deal for people that just want to build a set and don’t care about the packaging. If there’s anything wrong, you can always return it like any other Amazon item.

Just bookmark this link for LEGO sets sorted from highest to lowest. Check the site before going to bed and when you wake up. Amazon employees usually replenish the inventory between midnight and 7AM PST.

Above is an example of a recent listing. As you can see, there’s big discounts on current sets and decent prices for out of print sets. The quantities are limited and the inventory changes very often. Good luck and happy hunting!

Recent Deals

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