Wyldstyle Concept Art From The LEGO Movie

Wyldstyle went through many different versions before they settled on her final look in The LEGO Movie. The concept art below illustrates the previous Wildstyle designs.

Wyldstyle Concept Art

The look they were going for is described in this quote from the New York Times:

Mr. Miller said that because of the blocky, trapezoidal nature of Lego bodies, it was sometimes difficult to fashion female characters. After trying out a few different ideas, the directors decided that they were trying to tell too much of Wyldstyle’s story with her costume, so they boiled it down to counterculture ninja graffiti artist, tough but cute.

Also from the article is an image of the Master Builders’ submarine. It’s a mix of each Master Builder’s style put together.

The LEGO Movie Submarine

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